Automatic 6-head Seamer Mod.A6HS-400


A new design in Linger Co. “manufacturer of food processing and packing machines, consultation services for food producers”.



Technical Data:

Diameter of Can:            50-99 mm

Height of can:                60- 200 mm (optional from 38mm)

Capacity:                        400 cans/min

Power:                            7.5 (11) KW

Air pressure:                   0.8 bar

Net Weight:                    3200 Kg


Technical Features:

  • Chuck driven with servomotor separately from main drive.
  • 6 Rotary seaming head.
  • Can inlet conveyor with chain optionally timing worm screw.
  • 3-phase Electromotor with 5 and 7 horsepower.
  • Electronic speed controller (inverter).
  • Driven lifter rotates with chucks to prevent of slip and having a better seam.

  • Digital can counter.
  • Electrical control panel with push button.
  • Sensor for checking the lid presence.
  • Crown bevel pinion gearbox.
  • Height of conveyor will be constant if can changes.
  • Complete stainless steel covers(304).
  • “No Can-No Lid“ device.
  • Comply with CE standard.
  • Tray for surplus product with a drain port.



  • In feed conveyor with worm screw.
  • Steam injection under lid (cover).
  • Extra change parts.



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